Don’t Run Away From The Process


I remember while still growing up in Limpopo, the Granny would one day be in a very good mood and decide that we eat chicken today. Being tired from eating veggies and milk we would be so excited until she point out which one we must catch, Yei! I hated chasing after a chicken, I hated removing the feathers and pealing it, I also hated cooking it; but comes the eating time: I would even demand the drum stick.But instead they would give me the feet; Because I ran away when I was supposed to do all those things! lol

But here is the matter! the process of transformation is never easy. you have to spend a lot of times reading while others are playing, spend a lot of times trying while others are tarrying. Spend a lot of money investing while others are spending it. But if you run away from the process; you will receive the least of the success, that’s if you do make it into the category of success. But if you fix your eyes on the prize; and humbly go through the process; then you will receive the best of success!

Don’t be like me and run away from the process but demand the fattest meat, that was me back then. Be willing to face the process and go through every step it takes to reach your best level of success. study the books, read articles, listen to expects, learn from those who are ahead, do the planning, stand up and try, face your fears and failures and keep trying again and again. Just don’t run away from the process. I repeat it again; don’t run away from the process. don’t rob the process, don’t short cut the process, don’t avoid the process, just don’t! don’t! don’t run away from the process.

You know you want bursary, take extra lessons, remain behind and study, finish your work on time, go to library, study hard and have a mentor. Then look for bursary opportunities, look at their requirements, work hard to achieve them, then apply for it. That’s the process. You want to be successful? have a plan, work on your plan, invest in your plan, grow in knowledge in your plan. Just don’t run away from the process. even if you are called into ministry; find out the process and stick to every step of it! Don’t you dare try to escape the process. Don’t even think about it!

You hear me? God bless your faithfulness!


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