Where Does Confidence Come from?

We all want confidence, right? I mean any major achievement requires confidence. without confidence Mark Zuckerberg could’ve failed to present his Facebook idea to investors. Without Confidence Mohamed Ali could’ve never became the world’s best boxer. Without Confidence Actors would have never went for Auditions. in fact, to waste no time, without confidence: there would be no major evolution in technology which we have today. For something to happen, Confidence must be the force behind.

But is it easy to have confidence? huh? I mean confidence, not inspiration. we can all be inspired, right? but not all of us have confidence. I must confess; I myself still struggle to breed that “winning-and-never-back-down” confidence. let me explain difference between confidence and inspiration, ok! so you know the difference. it’s good to know the difference. ok, here we go: Confidence is a force required to act out an idea (not a dictionary definition) and Inspiration is a desire to achieve something. I think I should give an example; should I? ok, here we go: If you see someone driving BMW i8 Acura (my favorite), and you get a great feeling that you too can drive it (one day is one day, right?), that’s inspiration. You just got inspired to keep your dreams alive. But Confidence would be you actually starting to cut some expenses in order for you to be able to afford the car (like party expenses or shopping expenses, which are hard to cut, right?). See the different? Well Done!

ok, let me not derive from our question. You want to know where does confidence come from, right? Would you believe me if I say you can buy it from Edgars store? You won’t? why? you never saw it there? Lol. Exactly! You can’t buy it! That’s the most sad part about it. Now lower your music down, slow down the car, and pause the food a bit, I am about to tell you a place where confidence emerge from. Now, listen very carefully! Confidence comes from doing what you have planned to do. Yes! Ain’t you glad I taught you something? and it all starts with small plans, ok! Cooking that amazing meal you have been craving the whole day, waking up early in the morning and taking a jog like you always wished to do. Saying “Helo” to that Lady you always crushed in your head. Asking Quotation on that thing, I mean that thing, you know that thing you dying to have? Yes that one. The Smaller things you planned, when you do them, Boom! Confidence breeds out of you!

I can only be confident to sing to thousands people because yesterday I sang to ten people. That’s where  confidence comes from.


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