The Danger of the Interested

Few years ago I wanted to became a successful business young man through tenders. Then someone told me that the government is looking to invest more in cooperative companies, meaning to grant tenders to such companies. For simple reason: because they benefit the group than just an individual. Immediately I went around looking for people I could partner with on that business opportunity. We know that the minimum number required for the cooperative company to be registered is five, so I gathered two extra people. That should be great right? The more the marrier, right? Well, not always!

There is a big mistake I made when I was choosing the people to partner with; and that mistake must never be repeated by me again, or by you after your read here.

When I was doing the selection, I would explain the opportunity to an individual and then asked them that wrong question that led us all to failure, “are you interested?” That sounds like a good question to ask right? And given the opportunity I explained, who wouldn’t be interested? Who wouldn’t be interested in making money? After all, we’re all interested.

Nobody turned me down, they all got interested. Then we began to do registrations and all the planning. Then when we were supposed to start going out and make money, there was a hook on our feet. It turned out that out of seven of us, only 35% had what is needed to pull the ship off. And as for interest, it wasn’t it!

We all gathered together because of interest, only to discover that we don’t need interest anymore to make it work. But what is it that we needed? Well, if I knew back then, I would’ve saved myself a lot of trouble.

Passion is what we Lacked!!! Yep!

Nobody took initiative, nobody surprised us with great idea, and nobody moved until one says so. That was the kind of ship we were in. Then the commander of the team got tired of commanding (well, that was me, OK!). I was defiantly not looking to be a commander forever, its a horrible and devastating seat to warm in a business world. Why didn’t I ignite the passion in them? I kept trowing the fire stick only to realize they had no flamable liquid in them to support the fire. Only interest was there!

So, Our business failed before it could even start because of interested people on board, who lacked passion to sail the company to success. Then I realized, it’s not only the interest needed to succeed in life.

The difference between an interested and passionate person is that: an interested person needs to be motivated and enticed to stay interested. If things go rough, they lose interest. But a passionate person is self motivated. They take initiative and push themselves into the team. They always look for ways to impress. They try out things and see how well or bad it goes. But the interested, ladies and Gentleman, the interested are always wheelbarrows waiting to be pushed to get to the next point.

Whether you’re going solo, or as a team: never make a mistake of relying on interest to succeed. Yes, we need interest to get started, but to keep on going; you need more than an interest; you need passion. Passion is flames. The more you entertain your passion, the more it burns to the sky for the entire city to see.

If you looking for someone to partner with on your dreams, look for someone who is self driven, someone passionate and defiantly someone who is not always waiting for a push. You need someone who will sometime disagree and surprise you positively. Someone who will make your ideas better and discover solution you couldn’t imagine. Someone who will get you back in the game when you have given up. Not someone who will get tired with you, or lose hope with you.

Don’t pick a partner based on a mere interest they show, everyone can be interested. In fact, when comes to money; we all interested. But are we all passionate? Well, my friend; that’s what you have to find out first, before you both do “I do”

I hope you will find your passion if you’re solo, and your passionate if you looking to partner with someone. Just remember this: interest alone is a hook to get you nowhere, but passion is what? Yes, it’s Flames!


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