The Danger of the Interested

Few years ago I wanted to became a successful business young man through tenders. Then someone told me that the government is looking to invest more in cooperative companies, meaning to grant tenders to such companies. For simple reason: because they benefit the group than just an individual. Immediately I went around looking for people... Continue Reading →

Where Does Confidence Come from?

We all want confidence, right? I mean any major achievement requires confidence. without confidence Mark Zuckerberg could've failed to present his Facebook idea to investors. Without Confidence Mohamed Ali could've never became the world's best boxer. Without Confidence Actors would have never went for Auditions. in fact, to waste no time, without confidence: there would... Continue Reading →

Why The Wealthiest Are The Greatest Givers

WEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and  Mark Zuckerburg; Just to name the few. Not only are these people the most wealthiest in the whole world, but according to Forbes; these are also the greatest givers in the world. While many people hold on to a myth that wealth is evil, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Run Away From The Process

I remember while still growing up in Limpopo, the Granny would one day be in a very good mood and decide that we eat chicken today. Being tired from eating veggies and milk we would be so excited until she point out which one we must catch, Yei! I hated chasing after a chicken, I hated... Continue Reading →

Principles Of Promotion & Increase

(Biblical Principles at workplace) by Edmond Masemola Who doesn't want promotion at work? who doesn't want salary increase? we all want them, but do we all want to do what it takes to get them? now, that's the problem. Although everyone prays hard for promotion and increase, not everyone is really proving to really need the... Continue Reading →

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